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Trip to India (Part 1)

Posted on: April 5, 2009

Note : This post is written by my husband, regarding his trip to India. Have fun reading it, as i had fun edited it. – Bundawulan.

Trip to India

Part 1 – Arrived at the Airport

I’ve visited many countries on business trips, but this is my very first trip to India. After air borne for 4.5 hours from Singapore, the Boeing 777 – 300ER Singapore Airlines, flight SQ 424 finally landed at Chattrapathi Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai, India. The airport has 2 terminals side by side, and the international terminal has 18 Boarding Bridges. The airport was recently under renovation to increase its capacity in order to cater traffic of over 40 million passengers a year.

On the other side, there is another airport named Juhu Airport, specially designed for private smaller aircrafts and helicopters, located just by the Juhu beach.   

Back to Chattrapathi Shivaji Airport, every international passengers must pass extreme security checks. I thought Ninoy Airport in Manila had the most severe security checks, but obviously I was wrong. Once landed, every single international passenger had to go through 6 (six), yes 6 (six) security checks before one could actually leave the airport premises.

Chattrapathi Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai, India

Chattrapathi Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai, India


First, I had to pass the immigration desk before go through to the baggage claim roller, to get my passport stamped. Then I had to pass another immigration desk, where the Officer would checked if the passport had been properly stamped. So that was 2 (two) security checks already.

After that I had to pass security screen to check the cabin luggage. The Officer would then attached security sticker to the cabin luggage. And then again another security officer would re-checked if the security sticker had been properly posted. That was another 2 (two) security checks.

At the baggage claim area, I picked-up my luggage from the carrousel, then the security guard would checked if the luggage was correctly belong to me. And finally, before leaving the airport, another immigration officer would checked the passport and took the cut of immigration coupon accordingly. Pheww….. 6 security checks in total.

 …… be continued…


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  • bundawulan: di mana tuh? tolong minta alamat lengkapnya, supaya kalo saya ke surabaya lagi, bisa cicip2 ke sana. makasih buat infonya.
  • bundawulan: makasih....makasih....makasih..... Bisa jadi materi promo nih buat si pemilik warung. Mudah2an blog ini dibaca juga. Sekali lagi, makasih ya....
  • bundawulan: ya, betul sekali. memang ga perlu yg mahal2 untuk gangguan2 kecil seperti ini. makasih atas perhatiannya.
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